Toronto Calligraphy Classes

Offering Modern Calligraphy and Copperplate Calligraphy Workshops to Challenge and Spark Your Creativity

Want to learn the beautiful art of pointed pen calligraphy, but it looks too intimidating?

Have you been trying pointed pen lettering on your own, but you're getting super frustrated with it?

When I first started learning calligraphy, I spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching videos to figure out what tools to buy, and how to write. I love the process of researching, but it took me a very long time to figure things out on my own.

Also, my progress was really slow. I was struggling constantly with the tools and creating letters that look beautiful. It was so frustrating to look at my work and knew it wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t know what was wrong with it or how to achieve the result.

It wasn’t until I took an in-person workshop with an instructor that I finally saw improvement! Although I still needed a lot of practice, I finally have a better understanding of how to use the tools, and have enough knowledge to assess my work.

Pointed pen calligraphy can be challenging to pick up, and requires a set of skills that you need to learn.

People tell me all the time that they think it looks easy until they try it themselves. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re brand new. In addition to learning the basic strokes, other elements such as the way you hold the pen, the way you sit, how you position the paper, etc. all play a critical role in executing each stroke.

There are so many reasons why I love calligraphy. It allows me to relax when I'm experiencing stress. It also serves as a creative outlet for me.

But the main reason why I love calligraphy is the connection I get to build through this art from. Once you master this skill, not only are you able to create beautiful words, you’ll get to connect with other people through sharing meaningful, loving and encouraging messages with them.

That’s why I love calligraphy, and I don’t want you to get intimated by it, or give up because of frustration!

In my pointed pen calligraphy workshops, I...

Provide all the necessary tools to save you the time required to do your research, and save you money from purchasing the wrong tools

Break down all the important elements into bite size pieces, so you understand how to create the basic strokes, and how to put them together to form letters and words

Are intentionally kept small (between 6-8 students) to offer each student as much attention as I can to provide appropriate suggestions and feedback

I hope to inspire people like you to continue learning and to keep pursuing the beautiful art of pointed pen calligraphy.

Join my Copperplate Calligraphy Precision Practice!

Currently, there are no in-person workshops, but I am always teaching online!

If you are interested to learn or improve your Copperplate script...

Are you interested to learn more about pointed pen calligraphy?

Then you wouldn't want to miss my "5 Tips You Must Know About Pointed Pen Calligraphy Before You Start Writing"!

Get these 5 Tips now to learn the pre-basics of pointed pen, so you can kick start your calligraphy journey!

Private Calligraphy Workshops

If you would like undivided attention and personalized feedback to begin or continue your calligraphy journey, consider taking private 1-on-1 sessions with me. There are many areas we can focus on, for example, basics and techniques, composition, flourishes, developing your own style, etc. Based on your goal, we will determine a plan that will get you there!

Private Group Sessions

Considering having a unique activity for your next party (bridal shower, birthday party, etc.)? Thinking of what to do for your next team building event? I’ve got you covered! My calligraphy group sessions are meant to offer participants a chance to relax, have fun, learn something new and challenge their creativity! Let’s discuss and we’ll come up with a session best suited for your group!

Free Resources

Want to learn more about calligraphy? Check out my blog for more helpful resources!

Students' Love

Claudia’s work is beautiful, elegant. Our clients were very pleased receiving those holiday cards. She was professional and lovely. Higher recommend to anyone who is looking for a calligrapher.

- Maggie Tsai (La Prairie)

“Excellent class. Received 1:1 attention/on-the-spot feedback which was great for learning. The class was fun and the holiday cards we made are going to be great to give to family/friends for Christmas.”

- Cindy

“Incredible work!! Claudia has such a gift for lettering. The engraved glass she made me sits proudly on my desk. I get so many compliments on it!! She’s true gem in the city.


- The Richmond

Private session learning basics were the best thing for calligraphy. from holding the pen , posture and basic strokes were such a booster to move up the scale. Thanks Claudia for starting me on the right note.”

- Zinobia JL

“Claudia does such amazing work! She provided such a memorable take home favor at an event I recently attended and I loved getting to know more about her and the heart behind her business too! She is so creative, kind, and I would 100% recommend her for any events to add an extra level of wow and elegance for your guests!”

- Megan Gillikin

“I recently worked with Claudia on our 3rd WIPA Toronto Event at The Richmond. she supplied us with personalized wine glasses with our names engraved on them in calligraphy as well as a mirror seating chart. this was such a beautiful touch for our event. each of our guests were able to take home this beautiful piece of art work. All the names were centered and in proper proportion to the glass– I don’t know how she does this! I know this took a lot of time to prepare and create. the glasses were also cleaned and polished!

Throughout the planning process Claudia was quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. She is very talented and I highly recommend her services!”

- Alison Dias

“Claudia was a fantastic teacher. She was patient and encouraging. Everything taught was fun and easy to follow as a beginner. I would recommend Claudia to anyone interested in calligraphy – to learn but also to hire for a service. Thank you so much Claudia!”

- Jessica

“I’ve collaborated with Kokoro no Melody for WIPA event and I love love the mirror seating chart and the personalized engraved wine glasses. The details were on point! ☺️ Claudia was definitely a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended! 💕”

- Pauline C.

“Claudia, I really enjoyed your workshop. I was very excited to come and learn calligraphy. It was great and lots of fun. I do embroidery and I think this will help with my lettering.”

- Sherry Naiman

“My vision for my wedding day was to have a professional calligrapher create my seating chart on a mirror. Claudia was highly recommended through one of my friends and I decided to choose her to design and create my seating chart. Claudia was extremely organized and wanted to learn more about my vision. She made sure to keep me updated throughout the process and she completed the seating chart in a timely fashion. Once I received the mirror, I was extremely happy with the results and my guests were too! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a calligrapher.”

- Nicole Lilakos

“Fun mother-daughter, friend or sister experience. Individual attention given to every student. Supportive and encouraging teacher!”

- Eunice Lee

“Claudia was such a great teacher! Her positive attitude + words of encouragemenet made me feel confident in my penmenship. I look forward to using the skills she taught me in my upcoming events!”

- Sasha