Engraved Bracelet: Possum et ego (I can, and I will)

I named my website Kokoro no Melody, or Melody of the Heart, because I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell. And I’d like to share some of my client’s stories because they mean a lot to me.

Heart Story: Engraved Bracelet – Possum et ego


The above is the behind-the-scene video of how I engraved the bracelet.

Possum et ego

When my client first contacted me, she asked if I can engrave on metal. After corresponding with her, I found out that she wanted me to engrave “possum et ego” on a very small area.

After determining that it was do-able, I met up with my client that night, and only at this point did I find out that it stood for “I can, and I will”.

I was so hyped to work on this!

This bracelet was meant for a friend who was about to start his business.  After finding out about this, I was super excited because I love everything inspirational! This bracelet held such powerful meaning, I was in love with it!

And the best part was, I got a chance to connect and chat with my client when she picked up the bracelet. I always love having these kinds of conversations with people.

It is all inside of you!

Whenever I talk to people about their potential, what I usually hear is, “Yeah, but..”, or “I’m afraid of..”

Fear is definitely something that can be paralyzing!

But here is what I believe: we all have what it takes to chase our dreams, it’s all inside of us. If we let fear stop us, we’re going to regret this, forever!

So start! Do whatever scares you!

I can and I will!


Love note:

I had a great experience with Kokoro no Melody! They did a phenomenal job on the item. They took their time to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted, provided me with the finished product in a very timely fashion. I would highly recommend them and would definitely go back to them!


If you live in the Toronto/GTA/North York/Markham/Richmond Hill area, and would like to hire a calligrapher or engraver, drop me a line and share your vision with me! I’d love to hear from you and see how I can be of service!


And if you’re interested to practice/learn calligraphy, then check out this post! You can also download the guidelines to practice with me!


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