Copperplate calligraphy: Entry stroke

Even though the entry stroke looks simple, it is based upon the oval, let’s take a look!

Copperplate calligraphy: Entry stroke

This entry stroke is definitely a small but mighty stroke! It is not just a line that curves up into a letter.

When we take a look at the oval itself, and look at the various parts, the entry stroke is actually based on the marked area.

This goes from the baseline, and curve upward toward the middle of the right apex.

I usually end the stroke around midline, this is to ensure that it leads into the oval stroke.

If the following stroke is higher up, then this entry stroke takes on the second half of the underturn, which you can study here.

Ideally, it should end at the x-height, but when I write, I will still end up around 1/3 below the x-height. This is mainly because I don’t want to get too close to the main stroke of the following letter and have the potential of pulling the ink down.

I really hope these points help you!


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