Wedding Venue Expert: Kristin Light – Getting Started – Choosing the Perfect Venue

Our next guest on “Your Fairy Tale Wedding Show” will give you tips on finding the perfect venue!

Venue hunting is certainly one of the most fun yet stressful activities. Because this is THE place where your big day is going to happen! And without this place it’s difficult to plan other things! So I’m bringing on Toronto Venue Manager, Kristin Light from Refvik & Light Productions, she shed some light on how to go about finding this perfect place!

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One of the tips I found very useful, was to start off figuring out the number on your guest list first! I mean, it is true! Without knowing what the guestlist size is, you can’t really figure out which venues to look for!

What is one thing you found the most helpful for you? Are you having trouble finding your venue? Have you found it already? Let me know about it! 

And as promised, here is the free gift that Kristin has prepared for you! It’s called Things to Ask at a Venue Tour, which is a handy checklist of important questions to ask when scoping out venues for your special day.


About Kristin Light:

Head of Relations & Revelry for Refvik & Light Productions (managing events at 4 venues in Toronto)

IG @therichmondto




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