Wedding Stationery Expert: Ashley Wyatt – Wedding Invitations

Your invitation is the very first time your guests get a glimpse of your wedding! So you do want to make an impression! I’m so happy to bring on Ashley Wyatt from Monarch Design co to share her invitation knowledge with us so you know how to impress your guests!

In this episode she will be sharing with us tips such as how many invitations to order and a few etiquettes that couples may not be aware of.

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About the interview:

Other than learning more about wedding invitations, the one thing I really enjoyed while chatting with her was finding out why she rebranded and changed her company’s name to Monach Design Co.

This started when she and her family found out that her mom had breast cancer, and during the process, she and her family kept seeing Monach butterflies.

As a radiation therapist (someone who treats cancer patients), this story really touched me because I work closely with cancer patients, and I know how much this disease can affect the person and their families. But this also strengthen the bond and brings the family together.

One thing I learned from Ashley in regards to wedding invitation is that, for most couples, this is where they flush out their design ideas, and to figure out how their wedding would look like! Once you have this figured out, then everything will fall into place.

So what was something that you took from this episode? Were you one of the people who believed in one of the misconceptions? Is there a family struggle that you are facing that actually brought your family closer together? Share with me! I’d really love to hear it.

Now for the free gift! Ashely is generous enough to share with us an Invitation Guide! Wedding paper can be overwhelming. From tricky etiquette to confusing timelines and everything in between. This invitation guide was designed to help streamline your process!



About Ashley Wyatt:

Monarch Design Co., formerly known as Tayne & Ashley, is a creative duo from Burlington, Ontario. We offer luxury custom and semi custom stationery, calligraphy and cutting edge branding for small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. We do this through a unique approach that tells their story of love, business, or brand essence to capture a truly unique and sophisticated creative experience.


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