Wedding Planning Expert: Carly Hackert – No Planner… Big Problems

Welcome to “Your Fairy Tale Wedding Show”! I’m super excited that you’ve joined me!! Today we kick off the show with the Toronto Luxury Wedding Planner, Carly Hackert, owner & lead planner of Platinum Events Group!

In the episode she tells us why hiring a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

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About the interview:

While chatting with her, it really made sense to me when she mentioned that, wedding planners are very well connected. A planner’s expertise and connection will make the planning go smoothly, also you will get better value when it comes time to book with other vendors. It’s all about the connection and relationships!

What about you? What is the one thing you got out of this episode? I’d love to hear what you think! 

And as promised, here is the free gift that Carly has prepared for you! It’s a 6 Week Wedding Planning Checklist! This checklist will assist you with the small details that need to be completed 6 weeks out up until the actual date of your wedding. This list will help you organize yourself and get yourself ready for your wedding stress free!


About Carly Hackert:

Carly began her career in events working for a Not-for-Profit in the corporate world. At the same time she attended night school to become certified in Wedding and Corporate Event Management.

From there she met Cindy Johnson who was her teacher and had started Platinum Events Group in 2004 and their friendship began. In 2015, Carly took over Platinum Events Group as the new owner and lead planner.

Now with 10 years of experience in Corporate, Weddings and Social Events, Carly is known for bringing her fresh ideas and charisma to seamlessly execute beautiful and memorable events. Carly’s business marketing background and certification in Event Management and Planning, from York University, provides her with a distinctive expertise in managing the operations and strategies of any event.

Inspired by the clients she works with, Carly enjoys taking the time to get to know and understand each client’s relationship to create a vision to shape and bring the event of their dreams to life.


Toronto Luxury Wedding Planner

IG: @platinumeventsgroup

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Twitter: @platinumto




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