Wedding Photography Expert: Ryan from Luminous Weddings – How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to introduce today’s expert with you! We have Toronto wedding photographer Ryan from Luminous Weddings!!

He shared some tips on what to look for when finding a photographer, and the reason why you should consider getting a photo album!

Click on the following video to watch his interview!


One important point I got out of this interview is to ask the photographer to show you their photo albums. As Ryan mentioned, it’s easy to take a few amazing shots, but an entire album reflects the photographer’s true talent!

Also, when choosing your photo album, if story is your thing, then you’d want to see how the photographer presents the couple’s story in the album, and make sure that it is something that resonates with you!

What did you find most useful in today’s video? Send me a message! I’d love to hear it!

And as promised, here is the free gift that Ryan has prepared for you! It’s an Engagement Session Guide to share with you how to prepare for an engagement session!


About Ryan from Luminous Weddings:

Ryan started Luminous Weddings in 2011 with a passion for creating authentic and dramatic portraits. He’s an artist who’s shown his work internationally, is obsessed with his wife and Goldendoodle, and drinks wayyy too much coffee.


Toronto Wedding Photographer

IG @luminous_weddings




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