Wedding Floral Expert: Sonia Bawa – Floral Designs Tips & Tricks

Flowers is probably one of the must-haves for your wedding! And I’m excited to be able to chat with Sonia Bawa from J’adore Decor to talk about wedding flowers!

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One of the things she mentioned is if you’re interested to have flowers, it’s very important to talk to your florist about your vision.

Be open about your budget, and what you want. They’ll be able to use their creativity and knowledge to help you figure out the best way to create the perfect piece within a set budget!

Also, if you’re interested in having a destination wedding, you should consider working with the local florist! This is a great opportunity to support local community while getting local flowers to make your wedding day more unique!

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Sonia is generous enough to offer a free bouquet, or boutonnière, or a free hair piece if you order from her for your wedding! If you’re interested, make sure you contact her!



About Sonia Bawa:



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