Wedding Dress Expert: Jennifer Dang – How To Express Yourself Through Your Wedding Dress

Saying yes to that dress is not as easy as what’s shown on tv! Today our expert, Jennifer Dang, will share with us her tips on finding the perfect dress for you!

She is the owner of two dress stores, Ferre Sposa and Elisabeth and Beau. I actually found my wedding dress from Ferre Sposa!

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One of the tips she mentioned in the interview, is that finding the right dress is not only about what looks good on you. It also must represent who you are, and you need to think about how you want to present yourself!

Also, when it comes to figuring out who to bring with you for dress shopping, consider only bringing those who really know you. You will get a more honest feedback!

Have you found your dress yet? How many dress stores did you go to? How many dresses did you try on? Click here to share it with me! I’d love to know!

As promised, here is the free gift that Jennifer has prepared for you! The Wedding Dress Shopping Tips offers excellent insight when it comes to choosing the perfect dress from oh-so-many-gorgeous dresses!


About Jennifer Dang:

Jennifer Dang has been involved in the bridal fashion industry for 17 years, today she is the owner of two Toronto bridal boutiques, Ferre Sposa and Elisabeth and Beau.

She’s the bridal expert on the Marilyn Denis Show and is currently writing a book about finding yourself in your wedding dress.


Toronto Wedding Dress

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About My Dress

So you want to see my dress… okay, here it is.

The story is, my dear “sister” (my work colleague), Anne, went dress shopping with me. Ferre Sposa was the first dress shop we went to try out dresses.  I didn’t know anything about wedding back in 2015, so Anne was the one who decided that we should go to Ferre Sposa.

After we arrived, we started to pick dresses off the rack. This dress was actually the very first dress Anne handpicked off the rack. But it was the last dress I tried on. No word of a lie, when the consultant took the dress off the hanger, I envisioned the Nutcracker, and this is the dress worn by the princess, and I knew this was the one even before I put it on!

Everything was perfect, the length of the dress, the neckline, the gold lace applique, the pleats on the dress, the low back (not something I would pick, but it worked out!). I still love it!


Wedding Dress Ferre SposaWedding Dress Ferre SposaWedding Dress Ferre SposaWedding Dress Ferre Sposa




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