Wedding Chair and Linen Rental: Alison Dias – Chair Décor Linens & More

Once you have a venue, you may either have an empty room, or you may already have tables and chairs.

If there are tables and chairs already, then why would you need to consider upgrading them?

Our #lineninfluencer Alison Dias from Chair Décor will tell us about why you should do just that!

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About the interview:

One thing that Alison said made sense, at the venue, they’re going to keep their chairs and linens very generic in order to accommodate the vast amount of events.

So if you have a specific colour or theme for your big day, upgrading the colours of your linens and the look of your chairs is definitely something you’d like to keep in mind.

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About Alison Dias:

Account Manager and Customer Service Specialist Alison is our #lineninfluencer and has 9 years of wedding and event industry experience. With her strong background in design and industry trends she can help you put a look together for your next event. She has helped many of our clients put together style shoots with 9 magazine publications last year! Her sunny personality, professionalism and expertise make her a great asset to the Chair Décor team.


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