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Food is definitely one of the highlights of your wedding!  As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s not exception for your guests!

We have invited our Wedding Catering Expert, Matt Dunbar from No Small Feast to share with us tips on looking for the perfect caterer for you!

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About the interview:

Matt shared with us a lot of great questions that you should ask your caterer when you meet with them.

One thing he mentioned that really stood out to me is the fact that you should be upfront and honest when you’re meeting with your caterer.

In the interview, he said that if food is not your big focus for your wedding, it’s okay. But by understanding where you stand, he can proceed to figure out a way to serve a great meal to your guests but at a more cost effective way. On the other hand, if you’re a big foodie, then Matt would spend a lot more time to ensure the food is spectacular for your wedding.

What about you? What did you find that was extremely informative for you? Share it with me!

As promised, here is Matt’s FREE GIFT! Which is a Caterer Question Checklist. This is a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask your caterer before you commit! Make sure that you check it out! 


About Matt Dunbar:

Matt Dunbar has been the Chef/co-owner of No Small Feast for 10 years. No small feast brings the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to put on feasts of magnificent proportions. We create memorable events with impact. Product launches, business meetings, major galas, annual staff parties, or private dining—we’ve never met an event we didn’t love. Whether you need to build a brand, provide sustenance or express appreciation, we work with you to deliver an event menu that hits every objective.


Toronto Wedding Caterer

No Small Feast

IG: @nosmallfeast




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