Wedding Calligrapher and Engraver: Telisa Roessein – Wowing Your Wedding Guests With Calligraphy

After your wedding is over, other than the photos and videos, is there something else you can bring home to remember your big day with?

What about your guests? Do you want to gift them something that would actually wow them?

Our expert today is a dear friend of mine since we are both calligraphers and engravers. I can’t wait to introduce you to the talented Telisa Roessein from Roessein Art!

She will share with us how she uses calligraphy and engraving to put a personalized spin into your wedding, so you and your guests can both bring home something special right after your wedding!

Click on the following video to watch her interview!



About this interview:

One of the things that I would like to point out is how much Telisa and I both believe in personalization.

Personalization is the key to making something unique and it will instantly increase the sentimental value of an object.

To top it off, a hand crafted personalized item will show someone how much you appreciate them, because it takes a lot of time, energy and heart.

There are so many ways you can inject personalization into your wedding. From an engraved gift you give to your bridal party, to a handwritten favour that you gift to your guests, to your wedding vows or first dance lyrics written in calligraphy, to your leather jacket painted with a badass saying on the back!

So share with me, what did you find most interesting about this interview? And if you’re to choose an item you’d like to personalize on, what would it be? Share your thoughts with me!


And as promised, Telisa has her set of beautiful table numbers ready for you! If you’re like to get this freebie, go to this link and the password is: roessein2080



About Telisa Roessein:

Telisa Roessein is a Toronto-based calligrapher and hand engraver. Her client work includes event calligraphy for notable brands and commissions for weddings. With her modern and dainty style of calligraphy, she has worked on commissions on any surface with a variety of tools, such as brush pens, pointed pens, engraver, heat foil pen and watercolour.


Toronto Wedding Calligrapher & Engraver

IG @roesseinart 




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