Wedding Cake Expert: Patricia Drewnowska – Wedding Cake Myths and Inside Information


Wedding cake!! Are you deciding whether or not to have a wedding cake for your wedding?

Today’s Wedding Cake Expert, Patricia Drewnowska from Patricia’s Cake Creations share with us some of the misconceptions of wedding cakes, and how to go about working with your cake designer to create the perfect cake for you!

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About the interview:

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Patricia. She cleared up some misconception for us, such as a wedding cake is not tasty, why should there be fondant on the cake, and using real flowers on the actual cake itself.

One thing that really stood out to me was how much cake a couple should order for their wedding. Patricia said that ordering about 50-75% of your guest amount would be a decent amount.

This is mainly due to the fact that, not all of your guests may choose to have a slice of cake, especially when there are other dessert options available. Also, depending on when the cake is served, not everyone may stay til the end.

I learned so much from Patricia! Was there something that really stood out to you? I’d love to know!

And as promised, Patricia has a guide to how the inside of a cake looks like, a cake cutting guide, and a cake serving guide for us! Learn how to properly cut a cake for any occasion! See how many servings are in each tier and how big your wedding cake should be!  Make sure you get all three files!



About Patricia Drewnowska:

Patricia’s Cake Creations specializes in cakes, cupcakes, French macarons, favours and sweet tables for all occasions.


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