Yuri Cataldo

Yuri Cataldo: How to Tell Your Story and Get the Press You Deserve


I loved every moment of chatting with this talented gentleman! I am not great at story telling, but I love a good story! And telling an awesome story is something that is so important in today’s world!  So this was definitely an eye opening experience!


During our interview, Yuri touched on topics such as…

  • why stories are important
  • elements in telling a good story
  • should you find a problem first and figure out a solution? Or should you create something you love and then look for your audience?
  • understanding what press is, and why you should consider that
  • how can you get press


The part that I love the most is the elements of telling a great story!

Finding out who you’re talking to, and why it’s important to them, and crafting your story for them is essential!  Whether you are employed right now and want to move yourself up the ladder, or you have your own business and want to create your brand story around it, you really don’t want to miss out!



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Let me know what you got out of this interview and from working on the workbook!  I’d love to hear more about your experience!


About Yuri Cataldo

Named one of the 40 under 40 business leaders, he is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and emerging tech strategist who combines the mindsets of an artist and a technologist.

He is part of the innovation team at Autodesk and leads the industry, academic, and startup relationships within construction, robotics, AI, manufacturing, and blockchain

He works with and advises tech, cryptocurrency, and creative companies on PR, marketing, product launches and customer engagement.