Joyce Chiang

Joyce Chiang: Jumpstart Your Creative Career

I had been a big fan of this guest expert for a long time. And for those of you who have been doing something creative for a while, and thinking about turning it into a business, Joyce Chiang has some great tips to share with you!


During our interview, Joyce shared the following with us…

  • How she went from a full time architect to doing a full time creative side business
  • Her personal thoughts and feelings during this transitional period
  • Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Sharing her stories on testing out various products and services within her own company
  • Aspire – Her mentoring and coaching program
  • and so much more!!


The topic that really struck me during our interview was the fact that she actually recommends business owners to try out various thing.

Even though it may be scary to think that your followers may not like what you have to offer, you’re still the person who’s driving the business. So don’t limit yourself based on what your followers or clients want to see!


If you’re thinking of starting your business or if you have started your business, I hope our interview is helpful to you!



Exclusive free gift and workbook for you!

Joyce has a wonderful gift for us, which is called 5 Stages To Building A Creative Career!!!

This PDF contains a Success Path for artist and calligraphers. It is a linear roadmap of how someone will take a creative hobby into a full fledged career. In it, it outlines 5 definitive stages of what that journey looks like. It helps you identify which stage you are at –  to gain focus and clarity in order to grow a flourishing business that is highly fulfilling. When broken down into these actionable steps, you can track your progress and avoid feelings of overwhelm and paralysis.

In addition, as part of the challenge, I have created a DAY 6 Awaken Your Creative Self workbook!!

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Let me know what you got out of this interview and from working on the workbook!  I’d love to hear more about your experience!


About Joyce Chiang

She is an artist, calligrapher and an educator based in Hong Kong. Her happiest days are spent in her studio creating art, snuggling with her puppy, Pepper, and being a mentor to creative entrepreneurs.  She loves working with other aspiring creatives in starting their own online businesses.