Awaken Your Creative Self Guest Experts

Hello! Welcome to the Awaken Your Creative Self challenge!

I’m beyond honoured and excited to get a chance to chat with the following experts! You’ll find the line up of the experts below, and I hope that they’ll challenge you to become more creative, and find them inspirational!




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Awaken Your Creative Self Doris Wai


Doris Wai – Discover Your Inner Creative

September 19th, 2020



Awaken Your Creative Self Alex Okoroji


Alex Okoroji – How to Become the Highest Expression

of Your Gift & Talent

September 20th, 2020



Awaken Your Creative Self Dr. Eric Maisel


Dr. Eric Maisel – Meeting the Challenges of the Creative Life

September 21st, 2020




Awaken Your Creative Self SharRon Jamison


SharRon Jamison – Embracing You: The Connection

Between Courage, Creativity and You

September 22nd, 2020



Awaken Your Creative Self Philippa Stanton


Philippa Stanton – Conscious Creativity: Experiment, Explore, Create

September 23rd, 2020



Awaken Your Creative Self Joyce Chiang


Joyce Chiang – Jumpstart Your Creative Career

September 24th, 2020



Awaken Your Creative Self Yuri Cataldo


Yuri Cataldo – How to Tell Your Story and Get the Press You Deserve

September 25th, 2020