Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel: Meeting the Challenges of the Creative Life

I don’t know about you, but I love geeky stuff!  That’s why I am super honoured that I got a chance to chat with Dr. Eric Maisel about the challenges creatives face.

Before talking to him, I knew that many creatives face limiting beliefs and fears. But I never knew the depth and extent of how these go!

In our interview, Eric gave us a lot of in-depth explanation and theory in order to help us understand what’s going on in our minds. If you want to beat it, you have to understand it!

We touched on topics such as

  • the meaning of creativity
  • why having permission to create is so important
  • why do creatives experience so much anxiety which stops them from creating
  • tangible steps on how to deal with fear and anxiety
  • learn how to hear our self limiting talk and how to combat the negative talks
  • implementing a morning routine and why it is important
  • understanding how perfectionism hinders your creativity
  • understanding how our whys will help propel us through the daily struggle of creation




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With this interview so packed with info, I am EXTREMELY interested in hearing what you got out of it!  Please send me a message to let me know!


About Dr. Eric Maisel


Dr. Eric Maisel is widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach.  His creativity coaching focuses on helping creative and performing artists overcome creative blockage, performance anxiety and handling criticism and rejection.  He has written more than 50 books and has given lectures about creative life, mental health and life’s purpose and meaning.