Doris Wai


Doris Wai: Discover Your Inner Creative


I’d been an admirer of this guest expert for a long time!


Doris was the one who gave me the inspiration to start this Awaken Your Creative Self series!  So I’m so glad when she said yes to come on this interview to kick off this series!


In our conversation, we touched on topics such as:

  • Staying authentic to oneself
  • Dealing with fear and insecurity
  • Evolving as an artist
  • How to discover our identity.


One part of the conversation that resonated the most to me was not letting other people’s opinions dictate the path we walk on. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are the one who is living your life, and you only live once! So this is such a powerful message!



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Let me know what you got out of this interview and from working on the workbook!  I’d love to hear more about your experience!


About Doris Wai

Doris is the owner and hand lettering artist behind Love Lettering, where her main focus is to letter beyond paper. She is the author to the book Extraordinary Hand Lettering, and the creator of the youtube channel “The Lettering Lifestyle”. In Feb 2020, she put together an art exhibition called Bottled Feelings.


instagram: @lovelettering_doriswai

youtube: Your lettering lifestyle