Starting Something = Exploration + Evolution

I’d decided to do some Thoughtful Monday posts, to share things I have on my mind.  I hope that it’ll inspire you in some way!

Yesterday, my husband wrote this quote on the white board in front of his desk, so I was inspired to make it look pretty

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar


And this got me thinking, sometimes, starting is hard; sometimes, keeping up with the momentum is hard.

Today, I want to share a little bit on what it means to start something.

Starting Something = Exploration + Evolution

A little about my calligraphy journey


I started my calligraphy business in the beginning of 2019. But actually, I started my business back in 2015.

I started off wanting to publish my own children activity books. But I am not a great illustrator, so I published a few colouring reference books and travel jourals. Even though no one really buys them, I’m still damn proud of myself! (I make about $24 off of these books per year, LOL!)

And while I worked on my last colouring journal, I encountered calligraphy!

Now, I wasn’t a total stranger of calligraphy. When I was in Gr 8, my teacher asked me if I was interested to learn, and I taught myself how to do Gothic script!

So I felt like calligraphy was meant to be when I came back to it.

Even though I’m telling you this, I left out many many things. I was introduced into a MLM type business once many years ago, I tried my hands on making macarons, crochet, needle felting, cooking, jewelery making, drop shipping, writing blogs etc.

My whole business journey evolved drastically!

Here’s the thing…


Some people are concerned about starting because they don’t want to get stuck doing something that they’re not sure about.

But the reality is, you don’t really know what you like or don’t like until you try!

I spent tons, and I mean tons, of money on many hobbies, tools, courses and “potential” businesses. But I don’t regret it one single bit.

That’s because I know if I don’t try, I’ll never know.

If there’s something you want to try, go ahead and give it a try! It doesn’t have to end up becoming a business! If you love it, that’s great! If not, it’s also okay.

So don’t be scared to start! things will always evolve, and that’s how we learn more about ourselves!

If you’d been in a similar situation, or if there’s something you’d like to start but unsure whether to give it a try or not, send me an email! I’d love to hear your story!



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