Learn Faux Calligraphy + Get Your FREE Worksheets!

In order to beat the Social Distancing Blues, I’ve decided to make this video to teach you how to do faux calligraphy!

Learn Faux Calligraphy and Get Your FREE Worksheets!

Even though I do a lot of pointed pen calligraphy, I still use faux calligraphy for many projects! These projects are usually on non-paper surfaces, i.e. mirror signages, acrylic place cards, and engraving!

Toronto Calligraphy - Home Sweet Home Signage

Toronto live engraving luxury event - Engraved Coaster

It’s not as complicated as you think it may be! All you need is download my worksheet, and grab a pen or pencil!

What you’ll learn in this video

You will learn:

  • What is faux calligraphy
  • Tips to make you faux calligraphy look elegant
  • How to do the basic strokes
  • How to do the lower case letters
  • How to connect the letters and put them into words

I hope that you’ll have fun learning them!

Get your Faux Calligraphy Workbook below!

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