Holistic Mind and Body Expert: Sonia Wagner – How to Make All Your Decisions with Confidence

Wedding planning can be so much fun! Yet it can become super stressful and overwhelming!

Today’s guest expert shared with us special tips on how to know whether or not we’ve made the right decision and ways to destress during this overwhelming time!

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About the interview:

I had a really great time chatting with Sonia! One of the things that she mentioned seemed to be so obvious, but we tend to forget!  Which is, in order to figure out what you like (the one), you have to figure out what you don’t like (the clarifying one).

And it is ok if you aren’t feeling the vibe when you are meeting with the vendor. It is ok to go look for someone else.

In the interview, I also shared one of the main reasons why I really wanted to do the show, which was the fact that our experience with the photography company didn’t turn out too good.

What about you? What did you like best about this interview? Drop me a line to let me know!

As promised Sonia has two wonderful gifts for us! The first one is her video: How to Use 3 part Breath. Sometimes emotions and stress are high.  3 Part Breath is a great way to soothe yourself without anyone knowing you are even doing it.

It can be done anywhere, at anytime. For example while driving as you can totally do this with your eyes open, on an airplane at take off, landing or during a turbulence episode and so much more as I mention during the video.

The second Free Gift is a Complimentary Consultation – If you are a Yes or pretty sure you’re a yes, but have some specific questions to begin working with me 1-1 as your guide, so that you can be looking and feeling your best for your wedding and beyond. Then I invite you to Schedule a Complimentary Consult – 15 mins online Zoom Video Chat.
You’ll get 100% clarity on whether I’m ‘The One’ or ‘The Clarifying One’, I’m happy to be either one for you.



About Sonia Wagner:

Be empowered to trust your own instincts and use inspiring lifestyle tools for more confidence, light-heartedness and fun in your everyday life. Living your way that is as unique as you are.


Toronto Holistic Body and Mind Expert



IG: @thezenroomnstudio






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