Health and Wellness Expert: Monica Gibbs – Tips to Prioritizing Wellness

On your big day, you want to look your best and feel your best!

I’m super excited to have invited Monica Gibbs from Monica Gibbs Wellness to share some tips on how we can achieve that!

Click on the following video to watch her interview!



About the interview:

One of the tips that I think is very important to highlight is the need to sleep!

According to Monica, with the busyness of life, usually sleep is the one thing that people tend to sacrifice. But it’s important to aim for at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep to look and feel your best.

But no matter what you do, make sure that you have fun! And have an accountability buddy to hold you accountable while you’re trying to achieve something!

As promised, here is Monica’s free gift, Free Clean Week! Please direct any questions or your request for a free consultation or bonus workout to Monica at 416-509-0410 or



About Monica Gibbs:

Monica Gibbs is a highly regarded Recruiter, Speaker, Author and Wellness Consultant who is passionate about helping others.


Toronto Health and Wellness Consultant



Instagram @monicagibbswellness




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