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So you have decided on having a destination wedding! Congratulations! Now it’s time to figure out if you’d like to hire a wedding photographer!

I’m super excited to invite our destination wedding photography expert, Anna from Ania Studios to tell us a bit more about why you should consider hiring a wedding destination photographer.

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About the interview:

One of the things that Anna talked about is the pros and cons for hiring a destination wedding photographer vs. a photographer from the local resort.

I believe that whatever you choose, you should ask to see the work of the photographer to make sure it’s a style you really like.

Another thing is to make sure you ask a lot of questions, like how much time is covered, and what you’ll get, so you get exactly what you want.

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As promised, here is Anna’s FREE GFIT! She shares more tips on finding your perfect destination wedding photographer, and resources as to how to prepare for your destination wedding!


About Anna Rubiec:

Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

Her practice in imagery excels in her editorial work for such iconic magazines in which she paints a story narrative in each image. Her style is evident in her wedding photography, in which is very distinct in the industry.

Not only does she capture and finds the most endearing moments that are raw and spontaneous but her editorial fashion side, adds a special artistry, that makes each image more than a wedding image, they look like a moment of magic and art.

Capturing the meaningful experience, and telling a story. Anna and her team are proud to be initiating this new step in their business to provide a special connection from your wedding to your family. Anna focuses on ‘the connection’, and has a unique feel for each images effectiveness and lasting effect.

Her work is about the character, personality and a lasting image that is invaluable. Ania Studios provides, curates some of the most indelible images for weddings worldwide. Due to the detailed work of owner Anna Rubiec, whom approaches her work as an artist first and foremost.

Discovering new locations globally is an adventure that Anna never wants to miss out. Anna’s travel exposure gives her couple’s a unforgettable wedding experience and also finding those iconic and hidden sceneries they have always dreamed of for their wedding day.


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