Dental Expert: Dr. David Nguy – Big day, bright smile. Practical advice from a cosmetic dentist

Who doesn’t want white pearly teeth on their wedding day!

Here with us today is the principle dentist, Dr. David Nguy who shared some of the whitening methods with us.

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About the interview:

Dr. Nguy shared many different methods to really nice looking teeth, they include doing a regular dental cleaning, to teeth whitening, to getting veneers.

According to Dr. Nguy, there are a few methods to do teeth whitening. The two that are most effective and offer the most success are either an in-house whitening service and the take-home method offered by your dentist.

Make sure you visit your own dentist for a quick up for that perfect smile on your big day!

The following Dr Nguy’s free gift, which is  $100 off Take-home or In-office Tooth whitening – $100 voucher towards in-office or take-home whitening solution at Atlas Dental, one per client.



About David Nguy:

Dr David Nguy is the principal dentist of Atlas Dental is your concierge Dentist in Downtown Toronto Dentist for general, cosmetic and implant dentistry services


Toronto General, Costmetic and Implant Dentist

IG: @atlasdentalto



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