Copperplate Calligraphy Challenge After Thought

I held a free 5-Day Copperplate Calligraphy Challenge (C3) between May 4th – May 8th, 2020. Here are some of my afterthought.

Copperplate Calligraphy Challenge After Thought

C3 was truly an amazing experience for me!

I love teaching pointed pen modern calligraphy, but it has been my wish to teach Copperplate Calligraphy for a long time. I was hesitant in starting to teach Copperplate, because there are a lot of information that goes into teaching this script.

However, part of me really want to go ahead to try it out. I want to see what I’m capable of offering, whether I can explain concepts well, whether other people are receptive to my teaching, etc.

And that was how C3 was born.

Putting in as many things as I could into this challenge

Apr 21st was when I first came up with the idea, and right away, I decided to aim for May 4th as my launch date. For this challenge, I jammed in as many things as I could think of into these 5 days, which include:

Day 1: drills to get our bodies relaxed and ready to write, I also showed warm up techniques to improve accuracy and consistency.

Day 2: learn the basic strokes of minuscule and put the lower case letters together

Day 3: studied the basic strokes of majuscules and put the capital letters together

Day 4: touched upon letter connections and how to maintain consistent spacing

Day 5: experienced with flourishing to jazz up our writing.


Extreme roller coaster ride

It took me a long time to film all of my teaching, edit all the videos and put together my worksheets!  Each day, I would send out a recorded video for C3 participants to work on, and then every night, I would host a live session to do more teaching and answer questions!

Even though I was so exhausted by the end of C3, I found it to be the most satisfying and exhilarating experience for me!

I received so many wonderful and awesome feedback from my students! It was more than I could imagine!


The C3 Calligraphy Challenge with Claudia has been very helpful to me and especially in the following ways: proper sitting position, arm, shoulder in relation to my paper; proper letter, stroke and word spacing; properly connecting words. Claudia’s gentle feedback is something I highly value as well because most people will tell your work looks great—even if it doesn’t, while she makes clear suggestions on how to improve. I’d been trying to learn how to square my strokes but had failed until I saw her extremely detailed explanation and examples. Claudia, thank you for all of this and so much more. – Margaret


C3 was an amazing course! I learned so much. The videos provided me with more insight and information than any other class I’ve taken and the worksheets/guidelines are really helpful in improving my letterforms. Thank you, Claudia, for a wonderful class! – Jamie


​Claudia is an amazing teacher. She is detail oriented and has lots of patience. I love how she explains basic concepts to ensure we have a good foundation. She ensures everyone in her class has an opportunity to ask questions and she gives valuable feedback. I am seeing tremendous improvement with her guidance. Thank you Claudia! – Janet


Claudia’s patience and understanding is amazing! Her teaching method breaks down to those little details that matter the most when it comes to writing, she is so respectful and helpful and you see right away an improvement in your script! – Roxana

All these comments and feedback meant so much to me!


A calligraphy program that is all about you, your success, your growth, your community?

This really inspired me to want to come up with a 6-week Copperplate Calligraphy Program.  But how would mine be different from others?

So I thought…

What if my calligraphy program only has a limited number of seats so that I can give personal feedback to each student?

What if my calligraphy program has an accountability component, so that all of my students will be able to make it through the entire program?

What if my calligraphy program actually lets my students get to know each other, so that we develop a true community?

Would this program be of interest to anyone?


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