Copperplate Calligraphy: 7 steps to a perfect Descender Loop

The last two strokes of the basic Copperplate strokes are the ascender loop and descender loop. We’re going to study these two together! If you haven’t studied the ascender loop yet, make sure you go back!

Copperplate Calligraphy: 7 steps to perfect Descender Loop


Once again, ideally, your ascender and descender loop should look exactly the same after you rotate your paper 180 degrees.

I personally have a difficult time writing the descender loop, so sometimes what I do is turn the page around, and write the ascender loop in pencil first, and then turn it back around to practice!


Here’re the 7 steps to get the perfect ascender loop


Point number 1 – square top

We’re starting with a square top, if you want to learn how to do a square top, make sure you go back to my full pressure stroke!


Point number 2 – down stroke on a 55 degree slant line

We’re going to move down the stroke keeping the same pressure along the 55 degree slant line


Point number 3 – Start to decrease pressure

We’ll decrease pressure by this point, and we’re going to start preparing for the turn at the bottom.


Point number 5 & 6 – the is the point you aim for to be the widest part of your descender loop

This is the point where I have the most difficulty in! So slow down!

This point should be the widest part of the descender loop!


Point number 7 – ending the stroke right below the baseline

When we finish the loop, we should aim for a little bit below the baseline.


Bonus Tip

Make sure you breathe out as you go down, and breathe in as you come up!


I hope these points help you!


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